Also called: On-Page optimization

Mainly deals with keyword research, analysis and optimizing resulting in increase in organic search results

SEO the basic step and very crucial for consistency & long term results in Online Marketing. Here, the business / product which fights for a place in top organic search results, is taken care of. Usually, based on the requirement or need, a surfer / online user opens any search engine (Google/Bing etc) and enters his "query" in the search box. This "query" is referred as "Keyword" technically. There will be different types of queries from various users for the same product. Based on the type of product the queries keep changing too. Here comes the most challenging task of "User Behavior Analysis" which when done perfectly leads to get the right query from serious users. This "right query" is technically known as "targeted Keyword".
An in-depth research is done to get the right queries or targeted keywords. Please refer the image above for the steps involved in performing this. The targeted keyword(s) is then used in required WebPages of the website, which is termed as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

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